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    Dave talked with Chris Clem (@chris_clem), a Chicago-based comedian born and raised in Stow. In addition to being a touring comedian, Chris, as a huge cavs fan has recently started the Chris Clem Cavs Cast (C4Podcast for short) .

    They had a great time discussing.
    The Cavs laying a giant egg in Miami
    Going through the archive for obscure roster members
    Matthew Dellavedova: Pro or Con?
    Will LeBron become insufferable in old age?
    The lost generation of Browns fans.
    Being a Cavs fan in Chicago, pre and post Derrick Rose injury.
    The Spurs asterix people look pretty dumb now
    Miami people throwing shade.
    Luke Walton
    Regrettable Tattoos that didn t happen.
    Brackets are already busted.
    Ohio State basketball glory days
    Who wants to be a millionaire?! Chris.
    Zeke Marshall
    and much much more!

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